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One trend we’re loving lately? Skater skirts! They’re twirly, fun and with so many prints and styles, you might as well add a few to your summer wardrobe. 

Faux Leather Skater Skirt $25

Floral Skater Skirt $16

Houndstooth Skater Skirt $20 (Retail $25)

Jersey Skater Skirt $8

Turquoise Skater Skirt $10 (Retail $25)

Fall is here! We are having a lot of fun layering up as well as mixing and matching our pieces from summer with new ones for autumn. We adore Lindsay's closet for her variety of color and bold prints in all styles, not to mention her adorable covershots! Shop her closet fast - we want everything!

1. Silver sequin skirt: $55 Retail $59
2. Black skater skirt: $25
3. Gold and white patterned scarf: $12
4. Jeweled collar necklace: $18
5. Sheer ivy lace tunic: $26
6. Teal and black bodycon dress: $35
7. Coral lace dress: $45
8. Black and gold dangle earrings: $5