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We are excited to announce our latest Poshmark feature: Rate Your Purchase! With this new tool, we’re empowering sellers to build trust and be recognized for providing an exemplary, five-star shopping experience for their buyers.

So, what exactly is Rate Your Purchase?

This new feature allows buyers to rate their purchase experience with 1 to 5 stars. If the rating is four stars or less, buyers can suggest up to six ways the seller could improve: item description, item cleanliness, packaging, ship time, seller responsiveness or other.

When can a buyer rate a purchase?

Buyers have up to 30 days to rate their purchase after the order is accepted or returned to the seller due to not being as described. The Rate Your Purchase page can be accessed from the order details page. Any purchases within the last 30 days of the launch of this feature are also eligible for review.

How can a buyer rate a purchase?

After a buyer accepts an order, they will automatically see the Rate Your Purchase page. If the order was auto-accepted three days after delivery or an item not as described issue was resolved, the buyer can choose Rate Your Purchase from the order details page.

How are ratings displayed?

Ratings information is displayed privately in My Closet Stats. Sellers and buyers can also see their individual ratings details under My Purchases and My Sales. While our plan is to have an average rating score visible for everyone within closets in the near future, we wanted to give the community a chance to get used to the ratings feature before making the information public.

How are ratings communicated to buyers and sellers?

Buyers receive an email and newsfeed reminder one day after an order is auto-accepted or an item not as described issue is resolved. Sellers receive a push notification and newsfeed alert when they receive a rating.

Can I edit or appeal a rating?

No, buyers aren’t able to edit their ratings and sellers can’t appeal ratings. We expect the Poshmark community will almost always be fair and helpful when leaving ratings. However, there may be times when a seller feels a specific rating is unfair. Their average rating will reflect the great experience they deliver to buyers.

We are excited for this new feature as we know it will shine a bright light on the amazing purchase experience all of our Poshers deliver every day. Rate Your Purchase will strengthen the trust between buyers and sellers that encourages everyone to shop the closets of their stylemates again and again.

Happy Poshing!