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1. We had so much fun talking about all things style on this week’s #StyleChat hosted by @StyleCaster. If you didn’t join, you missed some great gabbing over trends gone by - hair mascara! denim minis! - as well as how to dress for summer wedding season. Join us on Twitter next Wednesday at noon PST. And oh, by the way, you should totally follow us on Twitter and consider a warm-up. image

2. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, did you catch local Poshers on the news? Congrats to @poeticqueen and @bk212 and their now famous closets! Also check out Poshmark featured on the news in South Carolina.


3. Earlier this week we asked our influencers: stripes or florals? We’re seeing stripes at #PMHQ! But if florals are more your thing, check out our floral jacket showroom.


4. What’s better than getting goodies in the #PoshPost? When those goodies are all dressed up! Take note from @randilyn and send off your sold items in style. 


5. And just for fun, fellow phone addicts, if auto correct were a truth filter for your texts.


Poshmark always values feedback from the community so we wanted to take this opportunity to hear from a few members in regards to how they’ve handled the recent news surrounding Poshmark’s latest changes, including PoshPost. Read on to learn more!

With the new shipping and commission updates, I’m making more sales now that the shipping rates are lower. I find that even a dollar or two can really make or break a deal when customers are looking to purchase. I don’t feel like I have to increase my prices to maintain my earnings margin because I’m offering higher quality items that are above the $15 mark, so I feel unaffected by the commission changes. Additionally with the shipping rate lowered I feel like Poshmark now allows me to make more sales and not feel pressured to discounting more for customers unhappy with total price of an item plus shipping.

Some things I’ve been adjusting to include using the Not For Sale (NFS) status to show the items in a “preview to come” listing to increase pre-promotion of new items to my followers. I also use it as a hold on items that are bundled until they have been accepted.

A couple of tips that I would offer to Poshers still adjusting with the changes are: use the NFS tags in creative ways for reserves, welcome posts, chatting listings, or party announcements. Also, share the news with your followers and potential customers that shipping rates are lower - it may lead them to making more purchases.


With the new commission and shipping updates, my customers have been buying more because they are spending less on shipping. In addition, I have been using a five items for $15 promotion and have had more customers spend more than $15 on their bundles. They feel like they are getting more for less and I am making the same profit as the 20% commission (if not more!).

To encourage sales and bundles, I have created my own personalized thank you business cards. The cards state thank you for your purchase please leave feedback and 10% off will be awarded off your next purchase. Makes it simple and fast!

One recommendation that I have for any Poshers still adjusting is to be proactive not reactive about change. Change is a very difficult thing to deal with, and any comments that you make about the changes, Poshmark, or other individuals is a reflection of your closet. You are a brand ambassador for yourself and the Poshmark community. Keep it positive.


I believe the new shipping and commission updateshave improved morale of the general community, and also increased my sales. I have not actually increased my prices to maintain earnings because careful thought always goes into my pricing. I allow myself a sufficient margin to anticipate trends whether it is changes made by Poshmark or those due to current demand and competition internally and externally (outside of Poshmark). I am now seeing less bundles and more single purchases of higher cost, and I believe this is because the buyer no longer has to “jump through hoops” to get a great deal now. 

One noteworthy change to my Poshing is I have been using the NFS status for inventory management. When I need to know how many available listings I have this gives me a true number since it excludes notes with listings of $0 listing price. It’s a quick tool to be able to know what I’ve sold weekly. Now I have much easier visual inventory control. Defining my unproductive inventory is also quicker now. By using the NFS tool in conjunction with the Filters, I am now able to define the 20% that’s selling and 80% that’s not. I am also able to track trends of each item posted.

My advice for Poshers still adjusting to the updates is first and foremost to have fun! Poshmark is an evolving platform that is consistently listening to its users in order to improve. In this day and age we don’t have the luxury to think rigid. For example when Apple has an upgrade we all know it’s going to be for something better. Poshers that are still adjusting should inherit that same trust.


Over the past year, you’ve given us valuable feedback about ways we could help you achieve even greater success selling fashion items in your closet. One of your most frequent requests is for lower shipping fees to encourage buyers to purchase more. We’ve also heard that you love the ease and simplicity of selling on Poshmark, but we know we can do more. Therefore, we’re so excited to announce that we have partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to bring you PoshPost, a new, simpler shipping label exclusive for Poshers.

PoshPost officially launches this Thursday, March 20th at 12:00 a.m. PT. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs. We’ll also be taking questions here.

Introducing $4.99 shipping on all orders.  We will reduce the shipping rate for buyers from $6.99 to $4.99 for any order under twenty-five dollars. This means that all orders, no matter the price, will ship at the same low rate of $4.99. We know your buyers will be very excited about this change, which means more sales for everyone. Think of this as a permanent shipping promo! Learn more.

Up to 5 pounds for free with PoshPost.  In addition to continuing to provide a free shipping label when you make a sale, PoshPost increases your free weight allowance to 5 lbs. (up from the current two pound limit). Now you can ship a large bundle, those knee-high boots, or that handbag with a lot of hardware, worry free and without having to pay for an upgraded label. The new 5 pound label helps keep selling on Poshmark simple and fun.  Learn more.

Flat Poshmark commission for orders less than $15.  In order to support lower-priced shipping for all orders and provide a more robust label to simplify shipping we are making our first ever change to our commission. Beginning March 20, 2014, we will be changing our commission for orders less than $15 to a single flat rate of $2.95. Commission for orders $15 and up will remain unchanged at 20% of the selling price. This also means that all items below $3 will no longer be available for purchase on Poshmark. Learn more.

To give you a better sense of how these changes might affect you, here are two examples:


  • Listing: White blouse with black buttons
  • Sale price: $12
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds



  • Listing: Bundle (3 pairs of shoes, 2 tops)
  • Sale price: $35
  • Weight: 4 pounds




How will shipping change for sellers on Poshmark? We teamed up with the USPS to create an exclusive label just for Poshmark sellers. The new PoshPost label covers shipping of any type of fashion - a handbag, jewelry, boots or even an entire outfit - up to 5 pounds (up from the current 2 pound limit). This new label will apply to all orders purchased after 12:00 a.m. PT on March 20.

Over 99.5% of orders shipped by Poshmark sellers are 5 pounds or less, so sellers will almost never have to worry about upgrading your shipping label. In the rare event a seller needs to ship a very heavy order that’s 6 pounds or more, the label upgrade fee will be as shown in the table below. 


What is the new shipping rate for buyers? Starting 12:00 a.m. PT on March 20, 2014, the shipping rate for buyers will be $4.99 for any order on Poshmark, regardless of price. All orders will continue to be shipped with fast USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail. 


Why are you making these shipping changes? Late last year, we conducted a large research study and ran several tests to determine how we could attract more buyers and help more women sell more items from their closets. The results overwhelmingly pointed to one change: lower-priced shipping. As a result, we have decided to permanently offer our buyers a low $4.99 shipping rate for any order on Poshmark - no matter what the listing price.

We are also continually working hard to make listing and selling items in a woman’s closet easier. Over the last several months, we worked closely with the USPS to create an exclusive label just for Poshmark sellers. The new PoshPost label covers shipping of any type of fashion - a handbag, jewelry, boots or even an entire outfit - up to 5 pounds (up from the current 2 pound limit). Over 99.5% of orders shipped by Poshmark sellers are 5 pounds or less, so sellers will almost never have to worry about upgrading their shipping label.   

When will these shipping changes go into effect? The $4.99 buyer shipping rate and the new PoshPost label pre-paid for packages up to 5 pounds will be rolled out at 12:00 a.m. PT on March 20, 2014. These changes will apply to any order purchased after this time. 


What is the new commission for selling on Poshmark? Starting 12:00 a.m. PT, March 20, 2014, the Poshmark commission for sales under $15 will be single flat rate of $2.95. You keep the rest.

For orders of $15 or more, the commission remains the same - Poshmark takes 20% as commission and you keep 80% of your sale.

Why are you changing the commission for selling on Poshmark? We are making this commission change so we can support lower-priced buyer shipping rates for all orders and provide a more robust label to simplify shipping for our sellers.

When will this new commission go into effect? The new commission will go into effect for all orders sold after 12:00 a.m. PT on March 20, 2014.

Will the new commission apply to old orders? No. The new commission will only apply for orders purchased after 12:00 a.m. PT on March 20, 2014.


What is the minimum Listing Price? Starting March 20, 2014, listings must have a listing price of $3 or higher to be available for purchase. Listings with a $0, $1 or $2 listing price will automatically be set to “Not For Sale” listing status and won’t have a “Buy Now” button.

Why can’t I sell $0, $1 or $2 listings? Starting March 20, 2014, the Poshmark commission for sales under $15 will be $2.95. As a result, the listing price needs to be $3 or more for any listing to be available for sale.

What will happen to $0, $1 and $2 listings in my closet? On March 20, 2014, unsold listings in your closet with a $0, $1 or $2 listing price will automatically be set to “Not For Sale” listing status and will no longer have a “Buy Now” button. Users will continue to be able to see, like, share and comment on these listings, but won’t be able to purchase them. To make one of these listings available for purchase, click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page. Select “Edit Listing Details” and change the price to $3 or more. Go back to the “Edit” icon and select “Mark as Available.”

To make this transition as easy as possible, we’ve created a special page in your Poshmark app with links to all $0, $1 or $2 listings in your closet. Go to the Poshmark Support Center, then click on “Manage My $0 - $2 Listings.”  

Note: you will need to upgrade your app to the latest version to access this page.