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Poshing can be a serious (and seriously fun!) full-time addiction. But with all the sharing, discovering, Posh Partying, and PFF-bonding, we wanted to give our awesome community a quick refresher for a commonly asked question: Is this okay to list?


Have a new lipstick that you’ve never touched or a brand new eyeshadow palette that you know just won’t go with your coloring? No problem! List it on Poshmark for some other lucky Posher to take home! Just keep in mind that used makeup is unsupported—that includes products that have been swatched or tested (even just once!).


The best kind of weather is swimsuit weather. For safety reasons, used swimsuits are unsupported, but brand new with tags swimwear is more than welcome to list. Remember that impulse buy bikini that’s stashed away, tags still attached, in your drawers somewhere? No sweat! List it—then share it as you sip on a tall glass of lemonade by the pool.

Perfume and nail polish

As much as PMHQ goes crazy for a good mani and some fierce nail art, nail polish isn’t allowed on Poshmark. Any liquid that contains alcohol is considered hazardous to ship through USPS Priority Mail, which is the type of mail that Posh Post uses. This includes nail polish, perfume, and hairspray.


Though we love our gadgets and devices as much as the next person, Poshmark does not support the sale of any electronic item. That includes headphones, hair tools, and iPad keyboards. Here’s a helpful hint: if it charges, requires batteries, or plugs into something, it’s considered an electronic.

Have any questions about what is or what isn’t allowed on Poshmark? Just shoot an email to support@poshmark.com and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.


What’s better than Poshing and Pinning? When it comes with a chance to win a $500 shopping spree on Poshmark! We’re happy to announce the Posh. Pin. Win. Summer Style Pinterest Sweepstakes.

To enter:

1. Complete the simple entry form here.

2. Log in to your Pinterest account and pin your favorite summer style finds with inspiration from Poshmark.

Looking for some ideas? Head to our Summer Style board or you can also go to Poshmark.com and pin from there.

Complete your entry before 11:59 a.m. on June 9th! One lucky person will score a $500 Poshmark shopping spree (hello, free money!).  

Good luck, Poshers!

Don’t be sad that the weekend is over because there is still fun to be had this week. Our latest Posh Party line-up is packed with amazing finds from fashion influencers Kathleen, Talia, Ashley and Katie, and of course from our lovely community hosts.

Shop the look: 1 / 2 / 3

Shop the look: 1 / 2 / 3

Shop the look: 1 / 2 / 3


Shop the look: 1 / 2 / 3

Shop the look: 1 / 23

Shop the look: 1 / 23

Shop the look: 1 / 23

1. We had so much fun talking about all things style on this week’s #StyleChat hosted by @StyleCaster. If you didn’t join, you missed some great gabbing over trends gone by - hair mascara! denim minis! - as well as how to dress for summer wedding season. Join us on Twitter next Wednesday at noon PST. And oh, by the way, you should totally follow us on Twitter and consider a warm-up. image

2. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, did you catch local Poshers on the news? Congrats to @poeticqueen and @bk212 and their now famous closets! Also check out Poshmark featured on the news in South Carolina.


3. Earlier this week we asked our influencers: stripes or florals? We’re seeing stripes at #PMHQ! But if florals are more your thing, check out our floral jacket showroom.


4. What’s better than getting goodies in the #PoshPost? When those goodies are all dressed up! Take note from @randilyn and send off your sold items in style. 


5. And just for fun, fellow phone addicts, if auto correct were a truth filter for your texts.


In love with vintage style? Don’t miss out on Michelle’s Closet! She’s got truly one-of-a-kind gems that you’re sure to love. Not to mention, she’s listing everything at such reasonable prices! Happy Shopping! (*please also note that this buyer will be moving out of the country, so items are only available for a limited time. See something you like? Buy now before it’s no longer up for grabs!

1) Tsumori Chisato Dress ($100 retail $600

2) Brand New - Steve Madden Platform Bow Sandals ($50 retail $119

3) Vintage Khaki Blouse ($9) 

4) Magenta Roll-up Sleeve Blouse ($15 retail $59

5) NTW Lace Dress ($35 retail $65

Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re a little obsessed with Christine’s closet. Ok, maybe not just a little. Take a look at these awesome gems she has for sale…you’d be obsessed too! 

1) Super Sweet Floral Spring Dress ($45 retail $85

2) Topshop Icy Blue Sequin Harem Pants ($45 retail $120

3) Zara Color-blocked Blouse ($20 retail $60

4) Banana Republic Bold Brights Silk Skirt ($25 retail $80

5) BRAND NEW ASOS Cropped Floral Blouse ($25 retail $55

Looking for the perfect “Date Night” outfit? Check out Sophia’s Closet to find just what you’re looking for! From a show-stopping red dress to hot lace up booties…need we say more?! Happy Shopping! 

1) Classic Red Dress ($25 retail $80

2) Gold Collar Embellished Top ($12 retail $49)

3) Red Bebe Sweater Tank ($10 retail $49

4) Anthropologie Halter Dress ($50 retail $129)

5) Dolce Vita Booties ($50 retail $210