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Women across the country are making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month right NOW. The best part? They’re doing it all through Poshmark! Read on to get inspired by three real - and very different - Poshmarkers.

Case Study #1: A 20-something southern California Poshmarker fell in love with how easy the entire selling process is on Poshmark and in just four months, she has been able to sell over $15,000 worth of merchandise. Poshmark has given her the opportunity to make money (and have fun doing so), while being a stay-at-home mom to her young daughter.

Case Study #2: This 47-year old Texan makes $150-$200 a month on Poshmark selling clothes that don’t fit or that she no longer has interest in wearing. She loves that Poshmark gives her the opportunity to get prices for her items that she normally wouldn’t get at consignment stores.

Case Study #3: A savvy 30-something in Boston loves using Poshmark to connect with stylemates from across the country. She regularly shops their closets on Poshmark…using the $300-$500 a month she’s making by listing her own items!

Create listings, sell items, make money. We think that’s about as good as it gets.

Did you know that closets with more than 10 listings sell more than those with less? That’s right! One of the secrets to being a successful seller on Poshmark lies in your very own closet.

A full closet is a trustworthy closet. Show potential buyers that you’re serious about your Poshmarking! By regularly adding items to your closet, fellow Poshmarkers will trust not only your style, but they’ll also see you’re active and mean serious fashion business!



Variety is key. Think of your Poshmark closet as a your virtual boutique. The more variety and types of merchandise you have, the likelihood that a potential buyer finds something she wants to buy is much higher. Score!



Bundle this, bundle that. The more listings you have in your closet, the more likely it will be that you sell bundles! Bundles are individual listings that include multiple items from your closet and are sold to one buyer (so they only have to hit the buy button and pay for shipping once). Cha-ching!

Note: Please remember that our standard shipping label is for a 2 lb. package. If your bundle is greater than 2 lbs., you will need to upgrade the label. You can do this directly from the app.


Here are five tips that will help get your listings marked with a red SOLD banner:

Tip #1: Style Your Covershot.
Your Covershot is the very first photo of your listing and remember, first impressions count! Make sure your Covershot is well-lit and clear. Also, wear your item and style it your way. Listings with Covershots like these tend to sell much faster!
See additional tips on taking a great Covershot.

Tip #2: Describe Your Items Accurately.
Take time to accurately describe the item you are listing. Include info such as the condition the item is in, if it runs true to size, and tips on what to pair it with. Answering your potential buyers’ questions up front will help them decide to hit that “Buy” button just a bit faster.

Tip #3: Attend Posh Parties.
Posh Parties are shopping events in the app where hundreds of thousands of users log in at the same time to shop and share listings. Build an audience by sharing your listings at a Party.

Tip #4: Be Responsive.
When someone posts a question about your listing, respond promptly. If you wait too long, your potential buyer could lose interest. Remember, your newsfeed is your friend!

Tip #5: Engage with Others.
Be active in the Poshmark community. Find others with the same shoe size and follow them.  Share listings that you think are fantastic. Trust us when we say that the love you help spread will get returned…and could result in a sale!

Happy Poshmarking!

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