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Anyone can spend money on fashion, but it takes a true stylista to master the art of dressing well on a budget. That’s where Kim of Sensible Stylista shines. The Baltimore-based blogger is a pro at integrating trends and personality with classic styles - all without blowing her budget. Knowing when to splurge and maintaining a rotating closet with Poshmark are just some of the keys to her success.

She is spilling her secrets on the blog today, and you can also shop along with her as she hosts the It Girl Posh Party at 7pm PST.

How do you describe your personal style and how has blogging contributed to it?

My personal style’s bold, vibrant, and fun - lots of loud prints and colors! Blogging’s inspired me to take risks. I’ve learned that it’s all about juxtaposition. For example, pairing a girly summer dress with an edgy faux-leather moto jacket - BAMF for sure.

What inspires your style?

All the gorgeous “everyday” women (all shapes and sizes of course) I see in real life and online.

You’re all about smart shopping, what advice do you have for those wanting to look fab on a budget?

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Go straight to the sale and clearance racks in stores. Trust me, if you want a good deal, you gotta put in time and effort. It’s not easy finding deals you know! Also, be a SMART shopper - save on trendy pieces and splurge on timeless classics you’ll wear forever. Discount stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, Off Saks Fifth, etc., carry designer items for (much) less.

We love how you infuse trends into a classic wardrobe. What’s your secret?

Don’t try and wear too many trends at once, and make sure the trend suits you! Don’t wear or not wear something because it’s “in.” Make it your own! It’s all about confidence. Wear what makes you feel like a rockstar.

As a host of the It Girl Party tonight, what kind of style does an It Girl represent to you?

To me, an It Girl is effortless. She mixes coveted high-end designer faves with equally fabulous flea market finds. She lives and breathes steeze (style + ease).


Today we have the pleasure of hosting Jenny - Posher and blogger at Good, Bad and Fab - on the blog as well as at PMHQ as she hosts tonight’s Fun and Fearless Posh Party. It’s one stop of her GBF Spread Joy Roadtrip that takes her from LA to Portland with a mission to find and share joy along the way.

Without further ado, a Q&A with Jenny!


Poshmark: You work as a fashion lawyer and also run a fashion blog, how have these two “fashion hats” impacted your personal style?

Jenny: It has completely shaped and changed my personal style! I now gravitate towards pieces that are versatile and can transition well from working in an office during the day to painting the town fab at night. Typically, I switch out key accessories like jewelry or shoes to dress the outfit up or down.

PM: Being so plugged into the world of fashion, where do you go for outfit inspiration?

J: My beautiful city of LA! Every sub-cluster has its own subculture and its unique fashion sensibility. I love people watching and soaking up the inspiration taking place on the concrete runaway.


PM: You’re hosting the Fun and Fearless Posh Party tonight, what’s your approach on fashion risks? What would you say to someone looking to grow their style?

J: I am all about taking fashion risks as fashion should be fun, experimental, and a reflection of your mood and personality. To ease into living style on the dangerous side, get your feet wet by incorporating one “risky” item into a safe outfit. For instance, you can wear a flashy statement necklace with a white tee and jeans. Or try on that crop top with a high waist skirt layered with a leather jacket.

PM: What kinds of items and trends would compel you to share as a Host Pick for this party?

J: I’m looking for items that are unique, fun, and really catches the eye. In terms of trends, I’m definitely loving summer florals, chunky colorful heels, and lots and lots of pastels!


PM: How would you describe your closet’s style? What are your favorite items?

J: My closet is a mashup of prints, colors, and styles. However, I’m without a doubt a girly girl at heart so dresses dominant my closet. My favorite items are my Dorothy red Gucci pumps as they were the first “I’m working! I got my first paycheck!” purchase. Another favorite is my white Miu Mu babydoll dress. The shape is so flattering and works with everything. I’d been pining for it for months before finally taking the plunge.

PM: Are you currently on the hunt for something specific on Poshmark? Any favorite Posh Finds?

J: I’m on the hunt for vintage earrings and rings. I love vintage jewelry as each piece tells a story. I found a pair of beautiful ruby chandelier earrings on Poshmark the other day and may just purchase it tonight at the party!

PM: Anything else?

J: I’m so excited to stop at the Poshmark headquarters tonight on my Spread Joy Road Trip and even more excited I get to host the party from there! This is going to be an amazing experience and I hope you’ll join me for the party!!! And please check out my blog to follow the Good, Bad, and Fab Spread Joy Road Trip! #GBFJoyRide

This week’s Posh Party line-up:

  • Monday, 6/11, 7pm PST: “Blazers & Button-Ups
  • Tuesday, 6/12, 7pm PST: “Jewelry & Accessories
  • Wednesday, 6/13, 7pm PST: “Handbags & Shoes
  • Thursday, 6/14, 7pm PST: “Let’s Get Wild
  • Friday, 6/15, 7pm PST: “Neons & Brights”
  • Saturday, 6/16, 6pm PST: “Denim”
  • Sunday, 6/17, 6pm PST: “Summer Dresses”

Hope to see you there!

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