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We’ve shared a lot of advice on how to take Covershots in the past, but what about the other three photo shots? Once your Covershot has caught a potential buyer’s eye, you can seal the deal with other amazing shots. Read on for our tips on taking a great product shot:

Get Steady

Your photos will come out clearer if you brace your arm or camera on something stationary. This is especially important in low light situations.


Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Make sure your foreground and background are clear of anything that may take away from your product shot.

Take Multiple Shots

Multiple shots means more chances at a perfect product shot. Use your device’s camera app to click away as many times as you need to get the shot.


Use Flash Sparingly

Your photos will turn out much better and look more like they do in real life if you keep the flash off and use natural light. If natural light isn’t available, try a brightly lit room rather than overexposing one area of the item you are photographing.

Tap the Screen to Focus

Avoid blurry images by tapping on the item you’re photographing to make the focus crystal clear. This tip is especially important when taking close up shots of your image.


Don’t Over Edit

Sometimes less is more when it comes to after effects. Make sure your additions and changes don’t take away from your amazing photography skills!

Try Something New

Experiment with the types of product shots you take. Get inspiration from fellow Poshers, try arranging items differently and give new angles a try.


We are so excited to have launched Poshmark on Android and want to share with our community some of our favorite Android apps to use when creating those glamorous Covershots. With so many to choose from, we chose our top three for ease of usability and variety. Can’t wait to see what gorgeous cover shots our Poshers are creating! image

1. PhotoGrid – Free 

A must-have app, PhotoGrid allows you to create collages with your photos. Modify the layout, play with the ratio of the frames, add text and clip art – this app does it all! Fun little tip – you can shake your device and the app will change the layout for you, if you can’t decide. 


2. LINE camera – Free

LINE camera is another fantastic app that gives you the flexibility to play around with collage options. You can also select from a variety of filters, including ones that have the fun bokeh effect. Tap the filter to see other options for that style; in our example we chose the Party filter. Don’t forget you can also play with the intensity to make your filter full effect or faded!


3. Phonto – Free 

We know every now and then you want to add a pop of text in a fun font to add dimension to your cover shot. Vary the font, the pt. size, even the color with this great app for typefaces. Tilt words to match the direction of an item in your photo and play with the location of the text. The options are pretty much endless!

As you may know, Poshmark uses Priority Mail shipping labels for all Poshmark orders. But what boxes can you use to ship? We’re here to clear that up for you!

Priority Mail Boxes

USPS offers a line of FREE boxes and envelopes for Priority Mail customers. This packaging can be picked up at many Post Offices, but keep in mind that at some locations they may be kept behind the counter so you’ll have to ask for them. Don’t have time to go to the post office? No sweat! You can order supplies for free on USPS.com or on their free mobile app.


Your Own Packaging

If you have your own boxes or padded envelopes lying around, you are, of course, welcome to use them to ship your sales. We do caution that you are careful to cover or remove any old shipping labels, barcodes or addresses so that your package is properly delivered.

What Not to Use

USPS offers a variety of free packages for it’s different mail services. If you are using the boxes they provide, be sure you are not shipping in the boxes that are labeled ‘Express,’ ‘Flat Rate,’ or ‘Regional Rate’ as they will causes delivery delays and/or additional shipping fees.

As always, if you have questions about shipping or anything else, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re happy to help!

We’re sure every Posher can agree, one can never have too many photo enhancing tools in their Posh arsenal. A while back we shared three apps to make your photos shine and we figured we were long overdue in sharing a few more of our favorites.


1. InstaFrame - Free

We’ve all been there; sometimes we want to put multiple images together in one. InstaFrame is one app where you can pull together many images into one great collage. This app also allows you to add fun frames or even add text. Download in iTunes


2.  VSCOcam - Free + In-App Purchase

This powerful editing app allows you take your covershot and fine tune every little detail. We love their selection of preset filters and the opportunity to purchase more, but for those who desire more control over their editing, they also have a individual tools to achieve your own final look. Download in iTunes


3. Over - $1.99 + In-App Purchase

Adding text to a Covershot is a fun way to easily communicate small details about your listing. The app Over allows you to add beautiful text and fun icons to your images. They have a great selection of attractive fonts and a few icon packs with the opportunity to purchase additional options. Download in iTunes

Whether you like to jazz up your Covershots with a fun frame, or enhanced with fabulous filters, have fun and let your photos shine!

New to Poshmark? Welcome! Use Poshmark on the web to find TONS of cool new products and connect with thousands of stylish women across the country, no matter what your style.

Let’s get started! Once you’re logged in, the toolbar at the top of your screen has everything you need.


1. Feed – A real-time stream of items being shared by the people you follow.
2. Parties – Posh Parties are the best way to connect with new users and discover awesome items. You definitely want to check these out!
3. Explore – Look at Poshmark listings by product type like: Handbags, Dresses, Shoes, etc.
4. Search – Use our search bar to find anything (and everything!) your heart desires.
5. Newsfeed – This is the icon located next to the search bar. Get news and updates here, including @ mentions and comments!
6. Your Account – This is the icon with your username. Check orders, access your “My Likes,” and more!

Share, like, comment and buy items from the web. To list your own items for sale, make sure you download our app!

Posh Parties are the perfect place to connect with new users and discover awesome new listings. The best part? They happen virtually! You can access Posh Parties from anywhere. Join thousands of stylish women across the country, just click the “Parties” tab at the top of your screen to begin.

The Parties tab has our current Posh Party lineup, but you can also shop past Parties!


Check back often; new parties are announced every day!

During Party hours, visit the Party page and join the Party to shop, share and connect with people who share your sense of style. Every day we have Posh Parties centered around brands, types of clothing and accessories and popular trends!


Don’t forget to check out our showrooms within the Party for a more curated shopping experience. Happy Poshing!

We promise you’ll find something you love on Poshmark. With more clothing and accessories than your local mall, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your style! We make finding products easy. Here’s how! 

Search Bar
Find anything (and everything!) your heart desires. Plaid shirts? Yes. Tory Burch? We’ve got that, too. What about all the hottest trends? Mmmm hmmm. It’s all here! Just type what you’re looking for into the search bar and press enter.


Found something you love? Awesome. Narrow down your search results with filters. Click the filter button on the top right.


Then, specify a category, a size and availability (to remove sold listings from your results). See relevant results, pronto!


Brand and Size links

Another way to find cool items is by using a listing you love. When you’re viewing an item — either in your feed, search results, or on an individual listing page — the size and the brand on the listing are clickable!


Clicking on the link will take you to a page that is just for that brand or size. Like this: image

From here, you can go through the same filtering process to find more relevant results. Find something that’s perfect for you, today. Happy Poshing!

1. Need to book your hotel for PoshFest? The Cosmopolitan and Poshmark have partnered to offer you a lush, very Posh accommodations at one of Vegas’s most fashionable hotels.

We’ve extended our special Poshmark rate at The Cosmo until October 2nd - which is also the last day you can get 25% off your PoshFest ticket! 

For more information on tickets and booking, check out our Eventbrite page in the FAQ section!


2. Are you FALL-ing for a new handbag, but a little shopping shy?

Since we always want to continue spreading the #POSHLOVE, we’re helping you begin your Fall wardrobe and offering $2.99 shipping on all orders $30 and over for the rest of September!


3. Is there a Poshmark purchase that you just absolutely love wearing? Show it off on Instagram, follow our account and hashtag POSHSTYLE - you can win $50 in Posh Credits in our #POSHSTYLE Instagram Giveaway!

For more details or to find out who won last week, check out our blog post


4. The Fairy Poshmother is here for another Posh Tip video on the benefits of using our shipping label! Doesn’t she just make learning oh so Posh?

5. It’s been our first official week of Fall, and while it still feels like a Cali summer, we can’t help but buy closets full of boots!

A girl’s best friend is a good pair of leather boots, which is why we have to share one of our Posh BFFs with you: these lux Alexander Wang booties!

If you want to be best friends forever, shop this gorgeous pair here!


1. Last night we had a fabulous time at our “Help Me to PoshFest 2013” Posh Party on the app! If you missed last night, no worries - you can continue sell your closet and save up to buy a ticket to PoshFest 2013! Tickets are available on Eventbrite, but act fast - space is limited!

For details on Poshfest and tickets, visit our event page!


2. Hey girl! If you’re a Bay Area Posher, we’re inviting you to join us next week for another ahh-mazing Community Meetup here at PMHQ! Get to know the team, make friends with other local Poshers & bring your girlfriends! For more information & to RSVP, visit our Eventbrite page! 

3. The Posh love continues to grow! This week we reached 17k followers on Instagram, and we want to take this time to thank you for making this possible! Pretty please - help us get to 20k followers by spreading the Posh love and sharing our Instagram to your friends!


4. Do you have burning questions about Poshmark you’d like to get answered? Stay tuned for new additions to our Posh Guide, curious cats! From shipping boxes to covershot magic, we’ve got you covered!


5. To all the trendy office girls and hard-working mamas out there, have a happy Labor Day weekend! Take this time to kick back, pamper yourself and eat macaroons! This weekend is definitely for you.


Ever notice the little yellow ‘Reserve’ flag at the bottom of a listing? Have you come across a listing that says “Reserved” in the title with an outrageous price tag? Find out what they mean below!

Yellow Reserve Banner: This automatically appears on a listing when a buyer clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing. It remains there for 10 minutes while they enter their information and complete the purchase. This flag is controlled by the system and there is no way to manually add it to a listing.


How to Manually Reserve an Item: Poshmark does not currently support item reservations. However, some sellers elect to place an item as “Not for Sale,” a feature that clearly tells buyers which listings are no longer available in your closet. This includes items sold in bundles, reserved listings, notes, or purchases that you just want to share with other Poshers (#PoshFinds!). Listings that are marked “Not for Sale” don’t have a blue “Buy Now” button, but others will still be able to see, like, share, and comment on them.


To mark a listing as “Not for Sale”: click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page > select “Mark as Not for Sale.”

To make one of these listings available for purchase: click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page > select “Mark as Available.”