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The most frequently asked questions about the Posh Party hosting program.


Q: I reached out asking to host a party but I haven’t heard back. Should I send another email?
A: Once you reach out to us about hosting, your closet is sent over for consideration. Due to the high volume of interest we receive daily, it can take some time for our team to get to your request. If you haven’t heard back yet, sit tight and we will be in touch just as soon as we get a chance.

Q: Will creating a listing to campaign to become a host help my chances of becoming a host?
A: The best way to become a Posh Party host is to make sure your closet meets our criteria and that you’ve reached out to us to express your interest.

Q: Should I have my PFFs write in to nominate me to become a host?
A: It’s not necessary that you do. Simply letting us know you have an interest in hosting will get you on the list to be considered for the program.


Q: Will I need to select all of my party picks days before the party?
A: You may browse listings at any time prior to or during the party for your listing selections. Some Poshers may find it useful to preselect an assortment of items to choose from by “liking” the listing. During the party, they share directly from their “My Likes” page. Another strategy is to share directly from listings that the Poshmark community is sharing to the party.

Q: Will I be with a co-host who is completely familiar with hosting?
A: Your group of co-hosts will undoubtedly vary, as we mix and match new hosts with repeat ones from time to time. Don’t worry, though! Every host is provided with detailed instructions on what to do the night of the big party.

Q: Do I have to create a listing in my closet about the party?
A: We do encourage co-hosts to share the information with their friends and family and that often means they want to share with their PFFs. It’s welcomed to have an announcement listing about your time to shine, but certainly not required.

Q: Do I have to log out and back in before the party starts?
A: You can stay logged into your account as usual and tap on the “share to party” option to share to your Posh Party.

Q: Is it better to host on the web or with the mobile app?
A: That one is totally up to personal preference! Some co-hosts prefer the web experience while some enjoy the freedom and mobility of the iOS or Android app. Others like a multi-device experience and will utilize a combination of phone, tablet and/or computer to get the job done.

Q: I’m getting a lot of tags from Poshers wanting me to choose their item as a host pick; is it expected that I share every item I’m tagged on?
A: Not at all! It’s not encouraged that Poshers mass tag party hosts to be selected for a host pick. While you are certainly welcome to take a look to see if you’d like to share their items, we want to see your choice of items that represent you and the night’s theme.


Q: How exactly do I share my host picks to the party? Will the app look different?
A: You will be added as an official host to your Posh Party the day before under the “Parties” tab. Because you are in our system as a host, anything you share to the party will automatically be displayed in the Host Picks Showroom.

Q: Do I have to share my listings right when the party starts?
A: Feel free to share any time during the two hour party window! You can space things out and share the entire evening, or share at a time that is good for you.

Q: Do I need to leave a comment on each listing I share to the host picks showroom to let the owner know that I’ve chosen their item?
A: No. Simply share your selection to the party; our system will automatically generate a congratulatory email to the lucky Posher.

Q: How do I assure my picks aren’t going to be the same as a co-hosts?
A: There is no guarantee your selection won’t be selected by another co-host, however, a listing may only be shared to a Posh Party once.

Q: Is it okay to share more than one item from a particular closet?
A: Absolutely! However, we ask that co-hosts share no more than three items from any one closet. Spread the love!

Q: Is it okay to share more than 100 listings to the party?
A: If you share a few extra listings, it’s not a problem. However, we do ask that you stay at that limit so that the Host Picks Showroom remains a highly curated and shoppable selection. Too many listings in the showroom can come across as cluttered or even overwhelming to those trying to browse the listings.


Q: I had so much fun the first time I hosted. Can I host again?
A: You bet! If it’s been at least three months since you last hosted, reach out to us at hosting@poshmark.com to get on the list again. Keep in mind there are a limited number of spots available for repeat hosts so it may take some time before we can get you on the calendar.

Q: Can I host a morning or afternoon party instead of an evening party?
A: Currently, only our evening parties are set up to accommodate party hosting.

Q: I’ve heard that hosts’ closets may not have other websites advertised in their bio or listings. Is this true?
A: Closets are permitted to list other website URLs, as long as there is no active advertising to sell items off of the Poshmark platform.

Q: How come some Poshers get to host multiple parties while I’m still waiting to host my first?
A: The Host program caters to all members of the Community, which means there will be users who are coming up on their next opportunity to host at the same time that a brand new user writes in to request to host for their first time. We look forward to providing every eligible user with an opportunity!

Q: Can I choose my co-hosts?
A: We do our very best to accommodate co-host requests, but cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to schedule you with the Posher(s) you’ve requested.

Q: Can I choose my theme?
A: Theme suggestions are always welcome, however, we have a team here at PMHQ that is responsible for all the Posh Party themes you see. As such, we cannot guarantee a specific theme for the night that you host.

Q: Is there a good place to see all of Poshmark’s rules and guidelines?
A: We recommend making sure you’re familiar with the information on the following pages:

If you have additional questions, feel free to shoot us an email at hosting@poshmark.com - we’d be happy to help!

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