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So you’ve been invited to host a Posh Party–congrats! You have your party date confirmed, but now what? Co-hosting these virtual, in-app parties can seem overwhelming and exciting, all at the same time. That’s why we’ve put together some information on how to host a stellar Posh Party!


  • Spread the Word! What’s a party if all of your closest gals aren’t there with you? Tell all of your friends and family about your party and get them to attend. And don’t forget about your social media accounts! Share your party using the hashtag #PoshParty on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, or anywhere else you have an online presence. The more, the merrier!
  • Know Poshmark’s Guidelines! As a party host, it’s extremely important that you know and embrace our guidelines. Violations in your closet may delay your Posh Party hosting date–and nobody wants that! You’ll also want to make sure your host picks are not in violation of any rules. Some key points to remember: only women’s fashion and accessories are allowed, all transactions or conversations should stay within the Poshmark platform, and anything that may violate copyright or trademark laws is forbidden.
  • Stock Your Closet! Having a wide variety of merchandise in your closet is a great way for Poshers to see your personal style. Not to mention, a full closet will get them excited for your host picks and can lead to more sales with the extra exposure that comes with being a host.


  • Tune In! Evening Posh Parties go from 7pm to 9pm PST. You don’t need to be there for the entire two hours, or even right at the start of the party, but do make sure you attend long enough to share the required 50-100 listings.
  • Be Selective! We do ask that you share no more than 100 listings from other Poshers’ closets so make sure you’re finding gems that mean something to you as well as fit the theme of the night’s party. Remember, the more variety of closets, sizes, styles etc. the better. These closets should be following the rules, but also have merchandise that you love. And don’t forget to share 5-10 items from your own closet!
  • Have Fun! This is your time to shine so have a good time. Share your closet to Instagram and Twitter, communicate with other Poshers in the app, and meet new users! Posh Parties are a great way to interact with the entire Community.

Still have questions? Be sure to check out our Posh Party hosting FAQs.
Want to host a party? Find out the criteria and how to get involved.

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