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At Poshmark, we are all about taking a personal approach to fashion. Your closet is an expression of you, and the prospect of style is always evolving, yet maintaining a signature element. Taghrid Chaabanfashion blogger, photographer and stylist — emulates this idea to a tee. Today, we’re chatting with Taghrid about her look, styling tips and her hosting the Back to Basics Posh Party tomorrow night

How do you describe your personal style and how has blogging contributed to it?
I would say my personal style is a big mix of simple, quirky, classic, and vintage pieces all rolled up into crazy spontaneous outfits. I’m sort of random, and I’m attracted to shiny colorful things easily. I like having special items that have a lot of meaning and mixing them with basics that are always fresh regardless of the date. 

Where do you go for style inspiration?  
If you’re open to it, everything in life can be inspiring. I like to spend time alone people watching with headphones on, and a lot of times I end up getting hooked on something new that drives me creatively. I also really love vintage clothing and vintage boutiques, so I often go digging for new-but-old treasures and those pieces spark a bit of inspiration in me. 

We love your looks and how each photo shoot shows personality and your signature style. How do you approach each shoot, especially since you’re a photographer as well? 

I approach my poshmark shoots much like I would an e-commerce photoshoot in my professional life. Selling clothing over the net is all about conveying to the customer how it feels to be wearing the garments without them actually being able to touch. I try to keep things simple and clean. If it looks pretentious and overly done, I usually don’t use it. I also like to do everything really fast, a few minutes max for each item, for the sake of time but also to keep it fresh and natural. 
With the fashion world focusing so much on trends, how would you encourage someone to create a look that stands out from the crowd?

I think each person should develop their own “trend” that is personal, and true to themselves. I don’t believe in fashion having an expiration date. If something you like works for you, I say embrace it fully until you naturally realize it’s time to let go. 

You’re hosting the Back to Basics party tomorrow night. What are your favorite ways to style basics and what types of listings will you be featuring for host picks?
I love basics, I think your closet should mostly be comprised of them. I love using basics as building blocks for great outfits that let my statement pieces shine. I will be featuring great classic items that can withstand trends and be truly timeless. 
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