Poshmark is a free mobile app that allows you to shop the closets of women across the country.
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Here are five tips that will help get your listings marked with a red SOLD banner:

Tip #1: Style Your Covershot.
Your Covershot is the very first photo of your listing and remember, first impressions count! Make sure your Covershot is well-lit and clear. Also, wear your item and style it your way. Listings with Covershots like these tend to sell much faster!
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Tip #2: Describe Your Items Accurately.
Take time to accurately describe the item you are listing. Include info such as the condition the item is in, if it runs true to size, and tips on what to pair it with. Answering your potential buyers’ questions up front will help them decide to hit that “Buy” button just a bit faster.

Tip #3: Attend Posh Parties.
Posh Parties are shopping events in the app where hundreds of thousands of users log in at the same time to shop and share listings. Build an audience by sharing your listings at a Party.

Tip #4: Be Responsive.
When someone posts a question about your listing, respond promptly. If you wait too long, your potential buyer could lose interest. Remember, your newsfeed is your friend!

Tip #5: Engage with Others.
Be active in the Poshmark community. Find others with the same shoe size and follow them.  Share listings that you think are fantastic. Trust us when we say that the love you help spread will get returned…and could result in a sale!

Happy Poshmarking!

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