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You know we love great style and this week’s closet feature has tons of it! Annie’s closet is filled with goodies that are perfect for the season. Sparkles, warm knits, silk and satin—we love the variety of textures in her pieces. She has something for everyone, so be sure to check out her closet now, as her listings are selling fast!

1. Cobalt blue and gold necklace - $30 retail $45

2. Burnt orange sweater - $45 retail $68

3. Off-white double-breasted petticoat - $68 retail $125

4. Taupe grey long sleeve cropped top - $22 retail $58

5. Gray sweater with gold threading - $48 retail $78

6. Cobalt blue chiffon dress - $54 retail $78

7. Bronze sequin bodycon skirt - $35 retail $68

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