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Let’s not deny it ladies: we’re suckers for cute packaging! That’s why this week’s Posh Tip is: Personalize your Poshmark sale before it goes out the door!

Think about it—how many times are you almost as impressed with how your new purchase is delivered as you are with the actual item inside the box? With just a few extra touches, you’ll guarantee a smile on your Poshmark buyer’s face (and possibly a repeat customer!).

What you need: Tissue, ribbon, thank you card, and anything else you’d like to help spice up the package, such as stickers, stamps, business cards, etc.

Neatly fold and wrap the item up in tissue paper to ensure the item stays put during transit. Nothing is worse than receiving a wrinkled top or a tangled-up necklace!

Include a hand-written thank you note! We suggest choosing stationery (or creating your own) that reflects your personality. Classic, fashion-forward, loud—the options are endless, but the results are always the same: a very happy buyer!

Top off the package with cute ribbon! It’s the perfect finishing touch and makes for a gorgeous presentation.

Voila! You’re sure to make someone’s day with your cute Poshmark package! 

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